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International Healthcare Internship in Australia (Part 2 of 4)

Welcome to the second part of the International Internship in Public Health (Australia). To attempt this task, participants must have completed the previous part of the internship. This task involves creating a 400-word health promotion publication focusing on a public health issue or intervention.

It’s crucial to select a relevant and significant topic within public health for this assignment. Factors such as prevalence, impact on population health, and potential for intervention should be considered. The chosen topic should also align with local, national, or global health priorities.

In completing the publication, interns are expected to conduct thorough research to gather pertinent data, statistics, and scholarly literature. Using reputable sources ensures the accuracy and credibility of the information presented. The work needs to be referenced in Harvard style.

Interns should aim for clear and concise language in their writing, making the publication accessible to a diverse audience. Visual aids such as graphics or illustrations can enhance comprehension.

The publication should incorporate elements of health promotion theory and practice, such as behaviour change models or frameworks. By applying evidence-based approaches, interns can maximise the effectiveness of their publication in influencing health-related behaviours and attitudes.

Overall, task two of the International Internship in Public Health (Australia) provides interns with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in health promotion and communication. Through the creation of a 400-word publication addressing a public health issue or intervention, participants can showcase their ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical initiatives aimed at improving population health outcomes.

Section 1Instructions for the task
Lecture 1Instructions for the task
Lecture 2How to write publication addressing a public health issue or intervention

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      1. Any topic that you feel might be important. That may be a particular health issue prevalent in your community. You may choose the health issue that interests you personally.
        Have a look at the works of other interns here:
        In particular: and

  1. Mel_b2023

    Im a medical receptionist currently just educating myself, however not sure whether this internship is really relevant to me, like the other courses on offer.

    1. Dear Mel,
      Thank you for your comment and thank you for taking the courses. The Internship was designed for the following categories of people: 1. Those who look for their first job in healthcare. i.e. doing work experience 2. Those who already work in healthcare but would like to take another position that involves marketing, communication etc. In other words, with the Certificate of Internship one can say during the interview that they had some experience in marketing and communications for healthcare.
      On another note. We are working on the series of ‘Professional Certificates’ in health marketing, management etc. They are also designed for those seeking a promotion. They will be ready in a couple of weeks.
      Once again, thank you,

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