Free online training platform for GP clinics boasts great success.

Impressive Success: Free Online Training Platform for GP Clinics

Free online training platform for GP clinics boasts great success.

In May 2023, a remarkable initiative was launched—a free online training platform designed for GPs, Receptionists, Practice Managers, and Practice Nurses. Fast forward to October 27, 2023, and the results are nothing short of astonishing.

Over 1,000 Subscribers and 5558 Courses Completed: In just 5 months, this platform has attracted a substantial 1195 subscribers. These are individuals keen on boosting their skills and knowledge in the healthcare sector. What’s even more impressive is that these dedicated subscribers have collectively completed 5558 courses.

Global Impact: This platform’s influence extends far beyond regional boundaries. Among the 1195 subscribers, healthcare professionals hailing from various corners of the world have joined the cause. From Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Singapore to South Africa, it’s a global community of learners.

Top-Performing Course: Respectful and Culturally Appropriate Care: One particular course has emerged as a favourite among subscribers. “Training for Medical Receptionists, GPs, and Practice Nurses: Respectful and Culturally Appropriate Care” has resonated with 506 students. This course focuses on the essential skills needed to treat patients with respect and cultural sensitivity. Its popularity underscores the significance of understanding and caring for patients from diverse backgrounds.

The triumph of this free online training platform is a testament to the thirst for knowledge and improvement within the healthcare community. It’s heartening to witness healthcare professionals from around the world uniting to learn and evolve. The platform’s ability to provide valuable, accessible, and free resources is a tremendous asset to the healthcare industry.

As this platform continues to make waves in the healthcare world, it serves as a reminder of the collective commitment to enhancing patient care and promoting excellence in medical practices. The numbers speak volumes, and the future looks promising for this free online training platform and the dedicated healthcare professionals who rely on it to advance their skills and knowledge.

The platform belongs to General Practice Training and Consulting.