How much does GPTC make on advertisements?


GPTC relies on Google ads to fund our free online courses for Medical Receptionists, GPs, Practice Nurses, and Practice Managers. We adopted the ‘third-party funding’ model to make education accessible. However, our ad revenue covers just 10% of our expenses. Although we’ve provided free courses since 2021, we actively promoted them starting in May 2023.

Is the experiment a success? It’s too early to say. We appreciate everyone who’s taken our courses, especially the valuable input from Medical receptionists, GPs, Practice Managers, and Practice Nurses to enhance our service. Your feedback matters.

In conclusion, while we’re not generating substantial income from ads yet, we remain committed to offering high-quality, free training. Your support keeps us going, and we’ll keep striving to improve. Stay tuned for updates on our journey to make education more accessible.

How much does GPTC make on advertisements?

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