Where do I find free and easy CPD activities?

CPD Challenges for GPs

Where do I find free and easy CPD activities? Busy GPs in Australia must complete CPD training, which is challenging given their packed schedules. CPD isn’t just for growth; it’s a must-do for keeping their license and ensuring top-notch care.

Where do I find free and easy CPD activities?

The General Practice Training portal offers online CPD courses where you can find free and easy CPD activities. Launched in May 2023, it became a hit, showing the need for easy-access learning​​.

What’s On Offer

Courses cover key areas, such as ethical dilemmas, keeping clinical notes, and using tech in practice. They match the real-world challenges GPs face daily.

Learning Made Easy

GPs can learn at their own pace, making it simpler to fit CPD into their busy lives. This online approach helps GPs meet their CPD needs without overloading their schedules​​​​​​.

Getting CPD Certificate

After finishing a course, GPs get a CPD certificate. This proves they’ve met their professional learning requirements. It’s an efficient way to stay qualified and improve patient care.

The free CPD courses for GPs on the General Practice Training portal cover a range of topics, including open disclosure training, zero tolerance policies, respectful care, handwashing procedures, social media policies, privacy and confidentiality, ethical dilemmas, vaccine storage, discrimination and bullying, smoking assessment recommendations, consent for third-party presence, difficult consultations, sexual harassment training, GP clinic marketing, creating professional development plans, dealing with test requests, Medicare audits, clinical notes best practices, clinical tools, and using ChatGPT AI in general practice. For more details, visit free CPD for GPs page.