Application for the WEAN Accreditation of the free courses.

WEAN Course Accreditation Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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Course Details

  • Course Title:
  • Instructor Name(s):
  • Course Duration:
  • Estimated Weekly Time Commitment:
  • Language of Instruction:

1. Curriculum Quality and Relevance

  • Does the course content reflect the latest developments and standards in the field? [Yes/No]
  • Is the curriculum comprehensive and covers all fundamental aspects of the subject matter? [Yes/No]

2. Educational Objectives and Outcomes

  • Are the learning objectives clearly defined and achievable? [Yes/No]
  • Are the course outcomes aligned with the intended skills and competencies? [Yes/No]

3. Instructor Qualifications

  • Do the instructors have relevant academic and/or professional qualifications? [Yes/No]
  • Are the instructors trained and experienced in delivering online education? [Yes/No]

4. Pedagogical Approach

  • Are effective teaching methodologies employed that are suitable for online learning? [Yes/No]
  • Is there a demonstrated pedagogical rationale for the structure and delivery of the course content? [Yes/No]

5. Assessment Methods

  • Are robust assessment methods in place that accurately measure learner outcomes? [Yes/No]
  • Are various assessment tools used to cater to diverse learning styles? [Yes/No]

6. Technology and Platform Usability

  • Is the online platform reliable and user-friendly? [Yes/No]
  • Is adequate technical support available for users? [Yes/No]

7. Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Is the course accessible to individuals with disabilities, complying with international standards? [Yes/No]
  • Does the course include materials that cater to a diverse range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds? [Yes/No]

8. Student Support Services

  • Are adequate student support services provided, such as technical support and tutoring? [Yes/No]
  • Are resources available for learners to engage with peers and instructors outside of course lectures? [Yes/No]

9. Ethical Standards and Integrity

  • Are there clear policies in place to promote academic honesty and ethical behavior? [Yes/No]
  • Are these policies actively communicated and enforced among students and instructors? [Yes/No]

10. Continuous Improvement

  • Is there a mechanism in place to collect feedback from students and stakeholders? [Yes/No]
  • Is there a process for regularly updating the course based on feedback and new developments? [Yes/No]

Documentation and Evidence (to be attached)

  • Syllabi
  • Sample lesson plans
  • CVs of instructors
  • Screenshots of the learning platform interface
  • Copies of policies on academic honesty
  • Summary of recent course updates or revisions


  • I declare that the information provided here is accurate and that the course meets the standards set forth by the Worldwide Education Access Network for accreditation purposes.
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  • Position:
  • Date: