Help General Practice Training free online courses for medical receptionists

Can I do your training if I live outside Australia?

Yes, you are very welcome to do our training regardless of where you live. We have already welcomed students from New Zealand, Canada, the UK, India, Pakistan and the USA. Everyone is welcome to benefit from our free online training for Medical Receptionists, GPs, Practice Managers and Practice Nurses.

Do I have to enter my date of birth and address during the registration?

No, you can enter any random address and date of birth during the registration. We are not interested in those details. Most importantly, enter your name how you want it on your Certificate.

Where do I find my Certificate?

Your Certificate is in your profile in the top right corner of the screen.

Why is your training free?

Great question. We wanted to deliver free online training to our fellows in General Practice because we understand that the industry is not doing well. Practices struggle with rising costs.

You publish the number of students enrolled for each course. Are those numbers true?

Yes, those numbers are true. General Practice Training and Consulting guarantee that the enrollment numbers are true. Here is our policy.