Modern Slavery in the Home: Unveiling Hidden Exploitation. Free course.


The free online course on “Modern Slavery in the Home” offered by UTS Open delves into a distressing reality that often remains concealed—modern slavery within domestic settings. Developed by legal experts and human rights advocates, this course aims to create awareness, deepen understanding, and empower individuals to combat the insidious issue of modern slavery in the home. By shedding light on this hidden crime, participants gain the knowledge and tools necessary to recognize, address, and prevent exploitation within domestic environments.

Understanding Modern Slavery in the Home

Modern slavery in the home refers to situations where individuals are subjected to forced labour, domestic servitude, or human trafficking within their own living spaces. This course comprehensively explores the various forms of exploitation that occur behind closed doors. Through real-world case studies and in-depth analysis, participants gain a profound understanding of the complex dynamics and the devastating impact of modern slavery within domestic settings.

Identifying Warning Signs

Recognizing the signs of modern slavery in the home is crucial for intervention and prevention. The course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to identify red flags and indicators of exploitation within domestic environments. By understanding perpetrators’ power imbalances and coercion tactics, learners can become vigilant and play a pivotal role in identifying and reporting instances of modern slavery.

Legal Frameworks and Responsibilities

The course highlights the legal frameworks and responsibilities in addressing modern slavery in the home. Participants explore international and national legislation designed to combat this egregious violation of human rights. By understanding legal obligations and the role of law enforcement, individuals can contribute to holding perpetrators accountable and advocating for the rights of victims.

Empowering Victims and Supporting Survivors

Supporting victims and survivors of modern slavery is of utmost importance. This course emphasizes the significance of providing compassionate care and support to those affected. Participants gain insights into trauma-informed approaches, referral pathways, and victim-centred practices. By acquiring this knowledge, learners can make a meaningful impact by supporting survivors on their journey towards recovery and empowerment.


The free online course on “Modern Slavery in the Home” offers a valuable platform to raise awareness, deepen understanding, and empower individuals to combat modern slavery within domestic settings. By unveiling the hidden exploitation that occurs behind closed doors, participants can become agents of change. Together, through increased awareness, vigilance, and collective action, we can create a world where every home is free from the shackles of modern slavery and every individual can live a life of dignity and freedom.

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