WEAN Accreditation Criteria for Online Courses

  1. Curriculum Quality and Relevance
    • The course content should be up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with industry, academic, or professional standards.
    • The curriculum must be comprehensive, covering all fundamental aspects of the subject matter and providing depth where needed.
  2. Educational Objectives and Outcomes
    • Clearly defined learning objectives that are achievable and measurable.
    • Course outcomes must align with the intended skills, knowledge, and competencies learners are expected to gain.
  3. Instructor Qualifications
    • Instructors should have appropriate academic qualifications and/or professional experience relevant to the course topic.
    • Instructors must demonstrate a capability to teach effectively in an online environment.
  4. Pedagogical Approach
    • Courses should employ effective teaching methodologies suitable for online learning, which may include interactive components, multimedia, and varied instructional materials.
    • There should be a demonstrated pedagogical rationale for the structure and delivery of the course content.
  5. Assessment Methods
    • Robust assessment methods that accurately measure learner outcomes and provide feedback.
    • Use varied assessment tools (quizzes, assignments, projects, exams) to cater to diverse learning styles and ensure comprehensive evaluation.
  6. Technology and Platform Usability
    • The online platform must be technically reliable, user-friendly, and supportive of a seamless learning experience.
    • Adequate technological support must be available to both learners and instructors.
  7. Accessibility and Inclusivity
    • Courses must be accessible to individuals with disabilities, adhering to international accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG).
    • Efforts should include diverse learning materials catering to various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  8. Student Support Services
    • Provision of adequate student support services, including technical support, tutoring, counselling, and career guidance.
    • Availability of resources for learners to engage with peers and instructors.
  9. Ethical Standards and Integrity
    • Courses must promote academic honesty and integrity, with clear policies on plagiarism and cheating.
    • Instructors and learners should adhere to high ethical standards in all course activities.
  10. Continuous Improvement
    • Mechanisms for the regular review and update of course content and delivery based on learner feedback and new developments in the field.
    • Commitment to ongoing professional development for instructors and continual learning environment enhancement.
  • Application and Documentation: Course providers apply detailed course materials, instructor credentials, and descriptions of support services via this link.
  • Review and Evaluation: Subject matter experts and educational technologists review course submissions against the accreditation criteria.
  • Feedback and Adjustment: Course providers receive input and may need adjustments to meet the accreditation standards.
  • Accreditation Approval: Once all criteria are met, the course is accredited by WEAN, which may include periodic reviews to maintain accreditation status. Accredited courses may display the WEAN logo.
WEAN Accreditation Criteria for Online Courses
WEAN Accreditation Criteria for Online Courses